Saturday, 26 January 2013

Onion man

Here is a piece that I've had in the workshop for a couple of years in a blocked out form, and come the new year I resolved to finish before starting a new project. The design is mine derived from a photo in a pensioners magazine.
Wood: Lime (Tilia x europea)

Height: 12 cms

Finish: Linseed oil and Rennaissance wax

He reminds me of guys I have seen carting long strings of large white onions hanging from the handlebars of bicycles in France and Belgium, seen when I have been out doing geological fieldwork, with the odd good lunch of local bread, wine and salad thrown in. Happy days indeed.

The right eye is supposed to be winking. I have a trick or two to learn here!
This is my first attempt at caricaturing an ear, in an attempt to placate a carving friend who always inspects ear details. He, like me is a geologist, it must be something we've done in life....

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