Friday, 28 December 2012

Apple wood spirit

This is a wood spirit carved in Apple that was copied from an article by Keith Howard in Woodcarving Illustrated Summer 2011. I was interested in how the author had achieved such a good depth of field which in time I think I managed to achieve after many hours of work.

Wood:  Apple (Malus spp)                            

Height: 34 cms

Finish:  Linseed oil and Rennaissance wax

The wood was carved within 3 months of the tree being felled, and in order to minimize drying checks (cracks) the back of the carving was flattened with a chain saw and deeply grooved into the heartwood throughout the length. Two years on the wood is dry with no cracks.
Depth of field is enhanced by deep "framing" cuts done with a very sharp knife and lots of work.

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